The Agile Problem

What happens when you use the word but dont walk the walk. Agile has grown in popularity and complexity, but what does it mean now?


Most modern tech companies have embraced the Agile way of doing things. Many a manager will try and propose Agile as the one and only solution to all problems.

‘Why isn’t EVERYONE doing this its the best thing since sliced watermelon’ —Manager , large corp somewhere.

Agile introduces a forward and progressive way of developing not only software but company procedure, It really can make a huge difference to how both management and employees function.

Think of a company utilizing Agile everywhere like driving a car: You need to make continuous adjustments to drive around bends in the road, if you don’t you’ll crash, brush the kerb or worse, this doesn’t seem so bad but if you keep hitting things your car will slowly degrade and maybe even fail completely. . .using Agile in a business is no different.

No, I’m not advocating against it or promoting other methods. I am arguing against utilizing it as though it is a fire and forget answer to all of your prayers. — There’s a reason most powerful weapons have guidance systems . . .

It is a great tool and yes it can definitely speed up development, collaboration, project management and more importantly hitting deadlines when used correctly.

BUT, it is a living fire breathing beast and if you leave it alone without oversight, review or adjustment long enough, it will escape its cage and wreak havoc.

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