Jordan Joe Cooper.

Product, Code & Podcasting.

Cartoon version of me

Hey, first of all thanks for checking out my tiny outpost on the internet, I dont know why you are here but I appreciate your time, hopefully you will find or read something useful here and if not well . . . there is always next time.


About sections are little bit odd, aren't they? Hey here's my entire story and or personality driven down into a small section. So here's my attempt. I'm a problem solver at heart. Thats manifested itself in becoming a software engineer, tech lead and more recently a shift into product. I love solving problems, although the solving part is great I've always found the journey to the solution the most interesting and fun part of the process.

Right now?

My current harbour is the good ship that is Moneyhub, if you don't know what they do take a look here. I work with some of the smartest, kindest & fast moving people I have ever met and it is a priviledge to continue to do so. When I joined we were in an office, everything went remote when covid hit and I have stayed remote since. I worked my way from being an software engineer to recruiting, training and running my own engineering team as a tech lead with a focus on enterprise level mobile apps, backend API's, data transformation, onboarding journeys and more. Recently I've shifted into a Solution Architect / Product Consultant role.


Younger me was not good at finding direction and so like many the path I eventually chose was education (due to its promise of structure) I completed a foundation degree (FdSc) in Computing followed by a BSc (Honours) Degree in Computing. All the while I was a social secretary for the University Athletics team & founded the self defence society with the view to improving student wellbeing & helping everyone learn to defend themselves.


I have a fasicination with founders and I guess you could say with history and 'how' things happen or came to be. I often find myself deepdiving on individuals, companies and more, this has led to me starting a podcast called The Diary of Humanity.