The Age of AI

We are at the beginning of a ere.


The Age of AI

We are at the beginning of a new era, we've been through multiple massive technological shifts during the last 100 years. In more modern times the introduction of the World Wide Web, Internet and Smartphones.

Artificial Intelligence is the next shift, it will change the way we live, work and interact with each other. Everything is about to become 'smarter'.From our homes, cars, phones and more. Daily activities that take inordinate amounts of time will be either automated or simplified so that they are less taxing on our time.

Why? For innovative changes to actually work and be adopted by the masses, they need to be simple and easy to use. But they cannot be too innovative, they need to be relatable to what we have already experienced yet offer an improvement. That is why cars made sense after horses and its why touch screens made sense after keyboards and smartphones after phones. Each was a shift in improvement, speed and convinience and yet still similar to its predecessor.

We know change is coming and in tech bubbles the embrace of AI is gathering momentum but what about everyone else? Often people in tech forget that the rest of the world is not nearly as enthusiastic about technology as they are.

Will every day people welcome a faceless AI organising their lives?

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